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"Incomparable results and peace of mind in RSI"
October 2020

Emilee Moore, Faculty of Education, Autonomous University of Barcelona

"The experience of working with AIB could not have been better. We partnered with them for a recent international academic conference that needed to be sent entirely online due to the pandemic. This was entirely new and nerve-wracking for us as organisers and we consulted different companies to explore options. By far the most responsive and professional of them was AIB, who supported us so professionally throughout the entire process and were proactive in offering solutions for all of our needs, for example by finding and coordinating with an audiovisual company to set up and run the online platform and offering a test-run with our conference speakers, the interpreters and the sound technician. The interpreters themselves were excellent, our conference participants were highly impressed by them. I also enjoyed switching into the interpreters' channels to listen to them and was in total awe of their skills. AIB was not more expensive than other companies we contacted, although I am sure that the peace of mind and results they offer are incomparable. I absolutely recommend them."

"New times, new ways of workingl"
June 2020

International Association of Educating Cities - www.edcities.org

"Thanks to AIB, we successfully managed to hold our Executive Committee meeting by combining a virtual platform (Zoom) and AIB's simultaneous interpreting. We had heard that this could be done, but hadn't yet tried it out. Our members were very pleased with the quality of both the interpreting and the sound, so we will definitely do this again.
Thank you for helping us bridge the distance and overcome the language barriers!"

"A meticulous eye to detail"
May 2019

Marta Domènech Virgili, Europe Direct Tarragona, Townhall of Tarragona

"Thoroughly professional, with a meticulous eye to detail at every stage – before, during and after the event. They proved they were capable of dealing with the unexpected, such as a last-minute flight cancellation. For all of the above reasons I certainly recommend them."

"Highly professional"
April 2019

Noemí BURGUES, HR Manager, U-Shin Spain, S.L.U.

"We shall entrust AIB with the supply of our interpreting needs in the future, because they have proved that they are highly professional not only as interpreters but also as organizers and coordinators of their services."

"Highly recommended!"
April 2019

Elisa Alloca, QUUM Marketing and Communication

"I work for a marketing and branding agency in Madrid. Last week we organized an event in Barcelona, and it was a pleasure and honour to collaborate with 'AIB, Associated Interpreters of Barcelona' for the first time. We were advised and assisted at every stage leading up to the event and communication was always smooth. The interpreters were effective, punctual and very friendly. I can highly recommend them!"

"Professional and efficient"
March 2019

Fco. Javier Martínez, CEO, Elegant Lighting

"Yesterday's meeting went very smoothly; Mary Fons and Felix Ordeig were thoroughly professional and efficient. Thank you for your perfect coordination."

"All will go fine"
October 2018

Eugenia Vega, Contract Manager, Events Management Service GOPA Com

"As the event management company for a major European agency based in Alicante, we have used AIB's interpreting services for the last four years for all manner of events, including many that were highly specialist and at high institutional level. AIB has always provided a top quality service, often with great flexibility and reactivity to last-minute requests, for all languages and modes of interpreting. This hugely facilitated our job of organising important meetings, where we knew that the interpreting would be provided smoothly and professionally, meeting our customer's requirements. We recommend AIB for any meeting requiring interpreting. Working with them means you don't have to worry about that side of the event because you have the peace of mind that it will all go fine."

"Good customer service"
August 2018

Jessica Gómez, Office Manager, Master for You

"We have been working with AIB for years now, in particular with Catherine who we have a direct relationship with and who is in charge of our translations and has also interpreted for us on various occasions. I would like to highlight their professionalism and good customer service. It is a pleasure for us to continue working with them."

"AIB saved the day"
June 2018

Miriam Escolà, Programme Organiser & Management Assistant, European Institute of Public Administration – EIPA Barcelona

"In EIPA Barcelona, we organised a study visit to Barcelona by a group from Latvia, on a judicial subject. We needed Spanish/Latvian interpreters, a very scarce combination. Thanks to AIB, we located two interpreters who came from Latvia. The simultaneous interpretation went very well, all the participants were very pleased with it. In fact, AIB saved the day. Many thanks for your highly professional service."

"Highly Professional"
May 2018

Neus Carbonell and Araceli Teixidó, psychoanalysts of the ELP and the WAP, members of the organizing committee for the 11th Congress of the World Association of Psychoanalysis

"AIB's team of 10 professional interpreters provided simultaneous interpretation into 5 languages at the World Association of Psychoanalysis congress, held in Barcelona from 2 to 6 April 2018, as well as two additional events, Appointment With the Pass, on 1 April, and Foro Internacional sobre Autismo: Más allá de la infancia. Autismo y Política ("International Forum on Autism. Beyond Childhood. Autism and Politics"), on 7 April.
We organizers were very pleased with the quality of the interpretation, and participants also praised the high linguistic standard achieved. Lacanian psychoanalysis doesn't merely use specific terminology, including many neologisms which the interpreters made it their business to learn: extremely precise use of language is part of the very essence of our practice, which is based on following speech or text to the letter. For this reason, we highly value the meticulous preparation work undertaken by the team of professional interpreters led by Pilar García, and which resulted in their carrying out their duties impeccably."

"AIB: professional interpreters made easy"
April 2018

Eva Serrano, Head of Public Relations and Events, Abertis

"We contacted AIB so as to have an alternative, and a further quote, for our Annual Shareholders' Meeting, some three years ago. From the outset, they presented a quick response and clear estimates. We decided to try them and it turned out to be a success. They have excellent professionals, with whom we had worked before; but particular emphasis should be laid on the roles of secretary – Silvia Ros – and coordination, which was provided by Patricia Lluch, who I already knew. They made our life easy, both before and after our event. They always provide a quick, clear reply, even when interpreters are required from one day to the next or equipment urgently for the same day. This is, beyond a doubt, one of those absolutely recommendable professional suppliers: they make one´s life easy. Right from the start, we had no doubts; when I organise an event, I turn to them."

"Good customer relations"
June 2017

Bernat Pizà, Technical Secretary of ADAR (Association of Aviators of the Republic)

"AIB is a highly professional company with good customer relations. We enjoyed the attention of Hugo Pooley and Silvia Ros at all stages.
The interpreters were very efficient, both from Russian to Spanish and from Spanish to Russian. We are an association for aeronautical history and held an international congress on Russian participation in the Spanish civil war. Our eminent speakers described the results of their research on the Spanish civil war. The terminology involved was highly specific and complex, but the interpreters performed perfectly.
I would recommend AIB to anyone wishing to organise such a congress."

"Top marks for professionalism"
May 2017

Jordi Badosa, Director, Sports Mk

"We reached out to AIB for help with a one-off event for which the date and other details had not yet been finalized, and which required interpretation into a number of languages, including some that are not commonly used in Spain.
AIB sketched out the various options for us, explaining the range of services and prices available, and we were able to come to an agreement. As the weeks went by, there were changes to the dates and venues of our event, as well as to the type of services that we required, but the people at AIB were always there, ready to help, and offered us the solutions we needed.
In the end, we were able to hold our event as planned, largely thanks to the efforts of AIB. None of the other providers we contacted were able to cater for two of the languages we needed, and furthermore, we doubt whether any other company would have been able to adapt as ably to the last-minute adjustments that we had to make to our plans.
Thank you very much!"

"Top marks for professionalism"
April 2017

Ana M. Gibert, CEO, STP Acuster Group

"We are a family business group based in the province of Barcelona – a small yet very international company with 14 different nationalities represented on our team. As a result, despite being a small company, our working language is English.
At our annual meeting, where all these different nationalities come together, we often invite guest speakers who tend to feel more at ease giving their presentations in Spanish. This is why we decided to call on AIB to provide simultaneous interpretation services for our most recent event.
AIB makes it easy for you. Mary Fons offers excellent consulting services and is quick to sense your needs and adapt the offer precisely to your situation. The people at AIB take care of everything, from the interpreting teams and equipment to the contacts with the hotel venue, etc., and all at a very reasonable price. The participants were impressed with the quality of the translation and the guest speaker felt quite at ease in the situation – the fact of having to be interpreted did not affect the presentation in any way. I will definitely call on AIB for future events. I give them top marks for professionalism!"

"Excellent customer service and professionalism"
February 2017

Gemma Parramon, Sales Director, Ernesto Ventós S.A.

"To celebrate the centenary of our company, Ernesto Ventós, S.A, we were publishing a book and needed to translate it into English. AIB was recommended to us and we were fully satisfied with their professional approach. The outcome is an outstanding translation, done in a limited timeframe, with impeccable customer service.
If I were to highlight some of the strengths of any translation and that perfectly described AIB's work they'd be: quality, organisation, predisposition, exacting, meticulous, and, last but not least, rigour in using the right terminology for our sector."

"Perfect translation in several languages!"
September 2016

Gabriel Pinheiro, BBA / International Area Manager, Medical Product Counselor, Weyergans High Care AG

"We are a German company dedicated to the production of medical devices. We recently organized our 3rd International Symposium in Spain and AIB was recommended to us. The recommendation was a success; they were highly competent. The interpretation was from and into Spanish, English and Russian. All the attendees from more than 17 countries were more than satisfied with the work of AIB, just as ourselves! Many thanks for your flexibility and once again, congratulations to all the interpreters who were so well prepared and who even when they received some of the presentations (with very difficult medical content) 30 minutes before the symposium, did a great job. I think you can work in any event and in any subject matter. Congratulations and thanks again!"

"We are very satisfied"
October 2016

Jörg-Christian Dippold, Executive Secretary, International Association of Qualified Atlasprofs (IAQA)

"We found out about AIB's interpreting services via their website. Right from the start, we received the highest quality information and service, from the initial telephone call through the project management phase and right up to the implementation and support during our event in Barcelona. As an international association, we require interpreting services at our annual meetings, and the success of these events depends in large part on the quality of the interpreters. Our members were of the unanimous opinion that the quality of the interpretation provided by AIB was excellent. These are the best interpreters we have worked with in the past ten years. We were extremely impressed with AIB's team and found our exchanges with them to be both very pleasant and professional. The interpreters responded to all situations with great agility and confidence, and we look forward to working with them again at the next opportunity."

"AIB has reliably contributed to success"
July 2016

Susanna Barquin, deputy Director, Prodeca, Min. of Agriculture of the Government of Catalonia

"Interpreting services can make or break a project. In our case, AIB has reliably contributed to success thanks to the professionalism, thoroughness and dedication of the people who make up the company. AIB and Mary Fons have been working with Prodeca since we required interpreting two years ago for an international conference on integrated pest management for fruit and vegetable crops. This meeting had considerable technical content. The result? Our conference participants, without prompting, mentioned the high standard of interpretation in their feedback."

"Highly professional"
June 2016

Christine Antunes, Language Services, and Marta Amorós, Learning and Impact - Educo

"Educo would like to thank the whole AIB team. We are a global development cooperation NGO that strives to help children. We run social projects in Spain and other countries in Africa, America and Asia to promote fair, equitable societies that guarantee children's rights and wellbeing. We are currently undergoing change, and last week AIB worked with us during our organisation's process of reflection and direction towards the future, showing how highly professional they are. The interpreters managed to adapt to the dynamics of the workshops and our language diversity shone as one of our strengths. Thanks for helping us achieve our mission."

"Outstanding service"
February 2016

Rachel Guo (郭思汛), Admin and HR Department, China Telecom (Europe) Ltd.

"The first experience with AIB is for 2016 GSMA Mobile World Congress held from 21 to 25 February 2016 in Barcelona, Spain. We hired AIB (Agrupación de Intérpretes de Barcelona) to provide the simultaneous interpreting and document translation between English and Chinese Mandarin for the congress. We much appreciated for their professional approach and their high effective customer care (almost 24hr/7 days customer service). They solved our every urgent request in time and made the translation work run smoothly.
Thanks for your outstanding service!"

"Immaculate professionalism"
June 2015

Mercedes Fernández, Press Officer at Lyondellbasell

"Once again I would like to thank you for your excellent interpreting at our last teleconference with the European Committee. I would highlight not only your interpreters' immaculate professionalism but also the way in which they relate to our staff, and in particular their expert handling of the topics addressed.
I reiterate my thanks, and hope that you will pass on the message to your colleagues."

March 2015

Nina Ordeig, Communication Manager, Santa & Cole

"Having worked with several translation companies over the years, our relationship with AIB has undoubtedly yielded the best results. As a design company, Santa & Cole's narrative is vital to convey our message to the world. AIB has always interpreted our message with very good results.
Our relationship has always been very smooth and they consistently deliver on time, even at very short notice."

"Excellent interpreting and translating services"
February 2015

Mercedes Giovinazzo, Director and Antonio Gucciardo PhD, General Manager - Interarts

"Interarts is a leading organisation in the field of international cultural cooperation (www.interarts.net). We have had excellent interpreting and translating services for many of the activities that make up our projects and programmes. AIB has been working with us for 10 years on our events and publications (papers, news, reports, etc.), ensuring the highest degree of quality and efficiency on the international market."

"They were punctual, prepared, efficient - what else could we ask?"
January 2015

Carolina Dobrovsky, Marcom - International Market at Alpha-Bio Tec

"Working with the AIB team organized by Mary Fons i Fleming was a pleasure. They were true professionals who prepared thoroughly for a topic that was inherently complex. Interpreting at our conference was a challenge they overcame outstandingly well. They were punctual, prepared, efficient - what more could we ask? We will more than likely choose them again for our future events."

"They showed commitment, expertise and a proactive attitude"
December 2014

Marc Garcia i Cebrian, Technical Secretariat of the13th International Congress of Educating Cities

"The organisers of the 13th International Congress of Educating Cities wish to thank the AIB interpreting team for their professionalism over the four days of the congress. They showed their commitment, expertise and a proactive attitude both before and during the event. Of the many aspects we had to take care of, we could allow the interpreting service to run autonomously thanks to their excellent customer service and the confidence they inspired in their work. Thank you very much indeed!"

"All communication with AIB was very professional"
November 2014

Tone Rambech Bishop, EURES Adviser from the Swedish Public Employment Service in Helsingborg

"Thanks to AIB and their brilliant interpreter Edwina Mumbrú, we had a very interesting and educational day meeting Spanish colleagues at SOC in Barcelona. All communication with AIB and Edwina before, during and after our visit was very professional in every way and we give them our highest recommendation to anyone who needs an interpreter."

"I was happy with the helpful and flexible approach. It made my job easier"
March 2014

Faye Stevens, Event Manager at MPI Europe

MPI is a major event and communications agency based in Windsor, UK

"I would like to say that my clients were extremely happy with the translation services provided.

I was also very happy with the helpful and flexible approach by yourself and your colleague Silvia, you helped with our last minute requests in a very prompt and timely manner and you made my job easier."

"The interpreter adapted very well to the challenges of this kind of work"
March 2014
Oscar Chaves, Manager, Lenze Transmisiones S.A.
"AIB, and specifically Mrs Guiomar Stampa, provided consecutive interpreting for Lenze Transmisiones S.A. at six meetings over several months for one of our strategic projects.

It was an extremely complex job, concerning emotions in the sales process and the differing limbic profiles of the people we deal with.

We looked into giving the course in English, but since the teacher was German and the students Spanish, we decided to hire Agrupación de Intérpretes de Barcelona to provide interpreting from German to Spanish, to ensure that language was not a barrier to learning.

Guiomar’s work at Lenze Transmisiones was outstanding; she adapted very well to the challenges of this type of training course and far surpassed our expectations. As such, we fully recommend her as an interpreter and would like to congratulate her on her superb work."
"I hope we shall have the occasion to work together again."
December 2012
Elisabeth Schönhöfer Sales Manager, North-East Zone Lappset España
"The first international conference on Active Ageing was held on September 27 and 28 (2012) at the Ateneu in Barcelona. We hired AIB (Agrupación de Intérpretes de Barcelona) to provide the translating and interpreting for the event. We were delighted with their professional approach and customer care. Having experienced the linguistic quality, level of training, speed and perfectionism of our two bilingual interpreters, Felix Ordeig and Edwina Mumbrú, who interpreted from and into Spanish and English, we can fully recommend their services. "
"It's always a pleasure to work with AIB."
May 2012
Mari Carmen Barrios, Meeting Manager, Another Konzept
"It's always a pleasure to work with AIB. Their professional approach in the meeting preparation and the standard of their interpreters is a guarantee when you need to provide interpretation, regardless of the languages involved."
"Some local interpreters recommended Agrupación de Intérpretes de Barcelona."
April 2012
Mercedes Fernández Morán, Press Officer at Lyondellbasell
"Some local interpreters recommended Agrupación de Intérpretes de Barcelona (AIB) to Lyondellbasell as an efficient and professional company when we were looking for simultaneous interpreters for a teleconference. We can confirm that we found them to be extremely professional, reliable and efficient."
September 2008
Emilio Fernández-Castaño, Ambassador Extraordinary and Commissioner, EXPO Zaragoza 2008
"At the end of the Expo, I can say that the consecutive and simultaneous interpreting service provided by AIB S.L. (Agrupación de Intérpretes de Barcelona) and AIM S.L. (Agrupación de Intérpretes de Madrid) to the Commissioner's Office during the Expo was wholly satisfactory and of a quality that I would unequivocally describe as outstanding".
"[AIB has provided] interpreters in two occasions when I visited Barcelona."
May 2009
Roger Abrantes, Scientific Director of the Etologisk Institut of Denmark
"[AIB has provided] interpreters in two occasions when I visited Barcelona to give seminars at the Veterinary College, first time in 2008 and the second time in 2009. Taking into consideration the difficulty of the simultaneously translation of academic stuff, I don’t know of anyone who could have done it any better. The translation was exemplary on both occasions. Both interpreters succeeded in giving an accurate translation of the scientific content as well as the spirit of the talks. They did much more than one could reasonably expect, preparing themselves well, and well in advance, checking all scientific terms, and even, on their own initiative, preparing a glossary to be delivered to all participants prior to the seminar. They handled questions and answers, with all its unexpected moments, magnificently. They solved all problems calmly and with a good sense of humor. It was a privilege for me to work with such knowledgeable, skilled and professional persons. I have therefore no reservations in recommending their services to anyone in need of good, skilled and sympathetic interpreters (…)."
"The whole [AIB] team possesses excellent interpreting skills."
January 2005
Eleni Efstathiou, Project Coordinator and Marianne Poncelet, Secretary General of the International Yehudi Menuhin Foundation (IYMF)
"The whole [AIB] team possesses excellent interpreting skills. Both speakers and participants commented positively on the interpretation during the conference, and there was a coherent, continuous and clear interpretation during all three days. What adds more to the capabilities of the team is the fact that the conference had a particularly intensive programme, a big number of speakers, quick and continuous changes of language, as well as quite vivid discussions between speakers and participants. The AIB interpreters’ team proved capable of having firm control of the situation at all times, being particularly reactive and responsive. Furthermore, on many occasions the speakers had not prepared their paper in advance. The AIB team was nevertheless alert and receptive, and provided the audience with a sharp and bright interpretation on all occasions. With regard to organisational skills, the AIB proved to be very strong as well. All the team was well organised, in time, having prepared moreover explanatory notes regarding the interpretation during the conference. Furthermore, before the conference the AIB had visited the conference venue to check the interpreters’ booths and that all necessary equipment would be readily available, offering precious advice and help to the IYMF. (...) Finally, the AIB Interpreters’ team has a highly professional and at the same time friendly attitude. They were willing to help solve problems in unexpected situations, making a personal effort to achieve the best result. All the members of the team were very polite and cooperative."

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